Price Per month
99 /mo
Additional costs:

One-time Setup Fee 499

*Door access system and light control system are priced separately.
*Prices excludes Value Added Tax (VAT)

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Add resources

Add multiple sports

Add activities

Add locations

Cancel booking

Create recurring booking

Customize opening hours per day

Close courts for Holidays

Close specific courts for maintenance

Quick action buttons

Multiple bookings with a few clicks

Register show-up

Register no-show

Responsive front-end page

Customize different court price per hour per day

Group activity / Training calendar (coming soon)

Create group activities / Trainings (coming soon)

Add coaches (coming soon)

Assign coaches/trainers to group classes (coming soon)

See booking capacity

Connect i-frame to your website (coming soon)

Membership administration

Create memberships

Invoices are automatically created to each membership

Customize booking rules per membership

Customize cancellation rules per membership

Assign different booking benefits to each membership

Upgrade/downgrade for memberships

Freeze memberships (for selected duration)

Cancel membership

Suspend profile when abuse

Add follow up notes to your members

Assign color to each membership type

Add binding period to memberships

Add signing out period to memberships

Add start fee to memberships

Customize payment period per membership

Auto renew memberships (optional in settings)

Membership card system/check-in

Members can buy memberships and store credit online

Members can manage own financial profile online

Automatic door system (coming soon)

Automatic light system (coming soon)

Security and Support

Create back-end user per employee

Sub domain

SSL encryption

Daily security back-ups of booking calendar sent to your mail

24/7 Customer support

Live chat support (coming soon)

Assign back-end user restrictions for receptionists


Invoice system

Credit notes

Statistics reports

Online payment for drop-in bookings (optional)

Payment alerts

Customize VAT

Store credit

Voucher/Coupon code/Gift Card (coming soon)

Send store credit to friends (coming soon)

Add discounts


Statistics reports

Booking reports per membership

Online payment for membership subscription

Debit payment (coming soon)

Multiple finance profiles. (for several bank accounts)


Connect social media to your sub domain

Send messages to your customers

Your members can connect and book on behalf of each other

Edit Email templates


Integration with Rankedin